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Life Insurance for Veterans & Their Families

Life insurance for veterans may be a bit difficult to come by, especially since they hold more health risks than regular U.S. citizens. There are many war veterans who come home with mental illnesses, like post-war traumas. Physical injuries are also a known to be associated with veterans, making it even more difficult to obtain regular veterans life insurance. There are other options to go with if you have been faced with this problem.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance is available for veterans, which offers insurance benefits temporarily. You can choose terms between 5 and 30 years and once the term is over the benefits expire. A physical may be required, but you won’t be denied veteran life insurance.

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Veteran Dedicated Life Insurance

Another option is to get life insurance dedicated to veterans. This provides benefits to active and non-active servicemen and their dependents. If you had post-traumatic injuries and/or are disabled, you will not be denied. This will give you life-long coverage to ensure your loved ones will have money to take care of business after you are gone.

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If you have just been released from military duties or it has been years since then, you shouldn’t have to be faced with life insurance issues. Everyone should be given the right to obtain a life policy, especially if they have been injured while fighting for their country. You should take a look around to see if your state offers any veteran life insurance programs that will cater to your specific needs. A lot of agencies may even offer discounts – you can also check to see if injured veterans receive this same benefit. Don’t go through life without proper life coverage, seek help anyway you can.